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Hurricane Preparedness

Puppy Training Basics

New Addition to the family (babies, dogs and cats)

Understanding Cats, their needs and addressing behavior issues

Current Food Recalls

How to brush your dog or cat's teeth -We carry flavored toothpaste, toothbrushes and a variety of dental chews. Always monitor your pet the first few times he/she has a new treat to see how they eat it. If they tend to swallow it whole, be quick and take it away when it gets too small so that they don't choke on it. Brushing teeth is the gold standard.  Finger brushes instead of regular tooth brushes work better for some pets. When the tartar build up is too much, call us to schedule your pet's dental cleaning. 

How to trim your pet's nails- Is your pet his afraid or nervous about getting his/her nails trimmed? Here is a great video of how make the experience happier and easier for everyone. It will take some time and treats but in the long run will be better for everyone! Be careful to clip the nail only a little at a time to prevent bleeding. Enlist help of a friend of family member if needed. 

Dog Training

There are many different training methods and which one you choose is an individual decision. 

Please ask us about puppy classes or dog trainer recommendations at your next appointment. 

Buyer Beware- Online Pharmacies

Thinking about buying that medication online that your veterinarian just prescribed? Think again. Unauthorized vendors may be sourcing counterfeit products or storing medications improperly which inactivates them. Is that a risk you are willing to take? Additionally our prices are comparable to or often better than online pharmacies. Read an FDA article about online pharmacies here and an article about diversion (grey market) here

Pet Insurance

If your pet gets hurt or sick, having pet insurance will give you peace of mind that your pet will get the care he or she needs and deserves. As with any insurance, which one to choose depends on how much coverage you anticipate, your tolerance for risk and each individual's financial picture.  Be sure to check the disease exclusions and lifetime or yearly payout maximums. Some companies exclude services based on breeds. 


Some of the insurance companies our clients use include (in no specific order)

  • Pet Plan

  • Trupanion

  • Healthy Paws

  • Pets Best

  • Embrace


  • Nationwide (previously VPI)

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