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CT (Cat Scan)

CT (Catscan)

We are committed to elevating the quality and standard of care for your pets. That's why we are proud and excited to announce we have installed a CT scanner (Cat Scan)! Our CT scanner gives us fast, highly detailed 3D images. This advanced imaging will revolutionize the medicine and care we are able to provide for you and your pets. Similar to the CAT scans human physicians and dentists use, our CT allows us to better evaluate dental, orthopedic and soft tissue structures, which can help us detect issues before they become a problem.Our scanner helps us with foreign body detection, ear, nose and throat disease, lung diseases, dental imaging, spinal issues, tracheal issues, vascular imaging, cancer evaluations and more. We can identify intervertebral disc disease (spinal paralysis), liver shunts, cranial cruciate (ACL) tears, search for metastasis or early signs of cancer and more. We also use this for wellness and senior screening to identify problems before they become big emergency issues. This helps us quickly and accurately diagnose your pet to better focus our treatments and to extend the length and quality of their lives. Because our CT creates a 3D scan in under a minute, we can use far less anesthesia or sedation for your loved one. We are committed to providing the best care and advanced diagnostics to keep your pet healthy. ​Please ask us more about our CT scanner and if your pet would benefit from advanced imaging. ​​

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