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ProHeart 12
CIV H3N2 and H3N8 24X36 AND 18X24 SIGN A
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Mirtazapine - Topical Appetite Stimulant for Cats

Ever had to try and give your cat a pill? Make life easier with a topical ointment that stimulates their appetite! There are many applications- from chronic kidney disease, hepatic lipidosis, post surgery or when your cat just won't eat for any reason. 

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ProHeart 12- 1 Injection, 12 months of Heartworm Protection 

ProHeart 12 is a single injection that will protect your dog from Heartworm disease for 12 months. It will also treat hookworms.

Now you won't have to worry about missing monthly doses which leads to lapses in heartworm prevention coverage. It only takes one mosquito to infect your pet with a deadly disease. 


Please read the information facts here 

Entyce: Appetite Stimulant for Dogs 

Help boost your pet's appetite! Whether it is post surgery, for pancreatitis support, to help your diabetic pet eat more regularly, or to help your chronic kidney disease pet keep on the weight, Entyce can help!

Canine Flu Vaccine: H3N2 & H3N8 strains

Dogs can get the flu, just like humans. Symptoms can vary from mild to life threatening . The doctors at Island Veterinary Care feel that vaccinating for the flu is an important part of preventative medicine. While there have been no documented cases in Hawaii, deadly strains have been shifting from the east to west coast. With frequent travel, inevitably the canine flu strains will make their way to Hawaii. When it does, we want your pet to be protected. Ask us about how you can protect your loved one. Read more about it here.

Canine Flu information Island Veterinary Care
CYTOPOINT- Injectable, 4-8 weeks of itch relief
Cytopoint- anti-itch injection Island Veterinary Care

Does your dog have allergies that make him or her itch?  Do you have difficulty giving daily or even twice daily oral medications? There is now an injectable medication administered every 4-8 weeks to help stop the itch. It is not a steroid but works just as quickly within 24 hours. This is the first monoclonal antibody therapy in dogs which specifically targets and inactivates a major cytokine in the itch pathway, IL 31. It is safe given in conjunction with most medications including Apoquel and steroids. There are no known liver or kidney side effects.  Ask your doctor about Cytopoint. 

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