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Veterinary Surgery Island Veterinary Care

With over 35 years of surgery experience, Dr. Lau and his staff are versed in a variety of surgical procedures such as foreign body removal, GI surgery, tumor/mass removals, spay/neuters, removal of bladder stones, ophthalmologic, orthopedic surgeries and more. 


We take every precaution to make sure your pet is safe under anesthesia. We monitor their oxygen content (pulse oximetry), blood pressure, EKG, temperature, heart rate and respiration rate. We have a dedicated technician to take care of your pet and to respond to any changes. Every patient has an IV catheter placed for quick administration of injections such as pain medications and antibiotics. IV fluids are run to keep normal blood pressure and perfusion which is vital to a patient's safety. To combat low body temperature that occurs naturally during surgery, a "Hot Dog" body warmer, a warm air blanket (Bair Hugger) and an IV fluid line warmer to warm the fluids going into the body are used to maintain a normal temperature. This facilitates faster recovery and healing. 

We are very proactive with pain management and use a multi-modal approach to  prevent and reduce pain from different pathways. Pre-operative pain management, local anesthetic blocks (numbing agents), epidurals (procedure dependent) and post operative pain medications are used to keep your pet happy and comfortable. Laser therapy and acupuncture are adjunctive pain therapy modalities that also help ease the pain. 

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