Hurricane Preparation

Here are a few key things to help prepare you and your pet for hurricane season:

-Always have several days' worth of food and clean water on hand for you, your family and your pet.​ Two weeks worth is preferrable.

-Make sure your pet is identified with a tag and, ideally, a microchip. Your pet's tag should include several phone numbers for you and even for a relative or friend out of the area.

-A pet first aid kit is a necessity year-round, but especially during hurricane season.

-Pack up an emergency travel kit for your pet in case of evacuation, with an extra identification tag, collar, and leash, food & water bowls, litter & trays for cats, disposable garbage bags for messes, disinfectant, food, bottled water, medications, a flashlight, a blanket, photos of your pet, and a travel crate/kennel if you have one. Be sure to change out food and medication after they've been in your kit for a while!

-​Plan ahead! Arrange a safe haven (a boarding kennel, motels or a friend/relative out of the area, etc.) for your pet if evacuation is necessary. Not all disaster shelters accept pets, so keep this in mind when planning your evacuation.


Remember: if it's not safe for you, it's not safe for your pet! Please don't leave your pet behind.

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