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Diagnostic Imaging

Veterinary X-ray Island Veterinary Care

X-rays help us evaluate what your pet's skeleton and internal organs look like. We can determine if there are foreign bodies, bladder or kidney stones, free fluid, free air or masses that require surgery. We evaluate if there is arthritis, fractures or dislocation of joints. We also evaluate if there is an enlarged heart, pneumonia, or orthopedic disease. We have digital x-rays which provide instant images and the ability to consult with a board certified radiologist. 

Pet Ultrasound Island Veterinary Care

Ultrasound is another imaging modality that  helps to better evaluate the internal organs. This is like a sonogram for a baby. It can be used to perform ultrasound guided cystocenteses (urine collection), fine needle aspirates of internal organs, and checking for free fluid. Ultrasound helps us evaluate the size, shape, texture, architecture and function of the internal organs. We have consulting agreements with a board certified cardiologist (heart doctor) and radiologists.

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