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Very happy I went there. Such sweet careing staff.  Very through to make sure you have the best care and tools for your pets.  Simba and I are very happy clients!

-Deanna S. 

Dr Bert, Dr Rachel, and Chris are the best. Always helpful and informative! They have your pets best interests at heart. Love these guys

-Derek K. 

We will forever be grateful to Island Veterinary Care. They have always taken such good care of our families in the past and you can't even imagine their dedication to your "fur" or "non-fur" babies. They saved our corgi and went the extra mile to ensure she truly was in the clear. If you want the best care for your pets there's no doubt, trust them with the Lau's!!

- Kix & Mona Umoto

A poem from Uncle Ed & Aunty Grace & the Molokai Cats

Intelligence is rigorous

Care is priority

Empathy is unreal

Kindness – compassion – comfort

Warmth is prolific

Patients are persons

Positiveness always present

Smiles are infectious

Dedication is unreal

C Good in us

I have brought my dogs to Island Veterinary Care since 1998.  With the excellent services of Island Veterinary Care, my first two dogs lived 15 and 16 years.  I currently have an active & mischievous  2-year-old dog who is staying healthy with multiple interventions from Drs. Bert & Rachel Lau.

I prefer veterinary care that approaches the standards of human health care.  Such a high standard requires blood tests, monitoring equipment, college-trained veterinary assistants and other expensive resources.  If you have high expectations for your pet's veterinary care, then this is the clinic for you!

When one dog needed knee surgery, Dr. Lau offered the services of a veterinary surgeon who specialized in orthopedics.  This may have reduced the profit of Island Veterinary Care, but it gave my dog an excellent surgical result.  This is evidence of the ethics of the vets at Island Veterinary Care and their genuine concern for their patients.

My fur-babies have kept Island Veterinary Care busy with multiple, sometimes serious, conditions & injuries:  the dislocated knee, as mentioned above; a cancerous liposarcoma; a herniated disc; a nearly-ruptured spleen with life-saving surgery; a tumor in the neck (noncancerous, *whew*!); kidney disease requiring daily saline infusions; a near-lethal venomous insect bite; ingestion of Naprosyn requiring emergency treatment; a broken foot; blistered paws requiring bandages & rest; a midnight bellyache (X-rays revealed ingestion of rocks); pancreatitis; pre-Cushing's syndrome; elevated liver enzymes; allergies; laceration near the eye requiring stitches, chronic staph infection of the skin (i.e, stinky-old-dog smell); ...and many others.  

My dogs always receive excellent treatment.

If you want the *BEST* veterinary care for your pet, not just "good enough", take him to Island Veterinary Care.


Island Veterinary Care is the best vet I have ever gone to. Dr Lau and his staff really care about their clients and their pets! I came here with my two dogs per recommendation by my friend and boy am I happy that I chose this place out of all the other vets. This place is a little pricier than the other places for routine check ups and vaccines but it's definitely worth it. Dr Lau is very knowledgable and helpful and was there for me the whole time I was freaking out when one of my dog's broke into my care package full of CANDY. He takes emergency after hours calls for his clients and ran me step by step on what to do and to post him with updates throughout the weekend. He isn't required to but he did and that's dedication. I would definitely recommend Island Vet Care for anyone who wants the best for their animals :) 

Thanks Dr Lau!!

-Olivia L. 

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