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Turkey Day- Keep Your Pet Safe

Here at Island Veterinary Care, we are thankful for YOU, all our wonderful clients. We are thankful for all the pets who walk through our doors and for the privileged of helping them live long, healthy lives. We want to keep all of you safe this holiday season so here are some tips for Thanksgiving.

1. Avoid giving human food- as tempting as it may seem, giving turkey or ham, bones of any kind may cause GI upset, pancreatitis and possible obstruction that may requires surgery or extensive hospitalization. The bones could get stuck in the esophagus or elsewhere in the intestines even causing a rupture which is life threatening. Even things like stuffing often contain onions, garlic and raisins that can be toxic to your pet.

2. Remind guests to follow the above rule and avoid giving table scraps

3. Dispose of turkey/ham bones and trash well. Secure the trash can so that even the smartest dumpster diver won't get into trouble

4. Make sure your pet has been microchipped and has proper identification just in case he or she escapes. A microchip is the best way to help reunite with your pet.

5. Visitors can make even the calmest, nicest pet upset. Allow a safe room for them to escape or hideout, especially for cats. The can have behavior changes such as abnormal urination or even lash out if upset.

6. Many decorations can be toxic to pets so please be aware and remove such decorations/plants if on these lists, Plants toxic to dogs and cats can be found on the ASPCA website or by clicking the links on "dogs" and cats".

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