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Happy New Year! It can be a not so happy time for some of our four legged pets because in Hawaii, we all know that with the new year comes fireworks! Here's what you can do to help them get through the night safely.

1. Plan ahead. If you know your pet is nervous or scared with loud noises or thunderstorms, seek veterinary help. We need to see your pet to make sure they are healthy for medications.

2. On New year's Eve, keep your pet inside in a dark, quiet area with the TV on to drown out outside noise.

3. Crate training is a great way to keep them calm and safe. A blanket put over the kennel creates a cave like environment that makes pets feel safe.

4. Give your pet familiar things like their favorite toys or toys stuffed with treats to distract them and keep them calm.

5. Try out a calming tool called a Thundershirt.

6. If these methods are not adequate, talk to us about medical therapy for anti-anxiety or calming effects. Often a trial dose is needed prior to New Year's Eve so call us soon!

7. Make sure doors and gates are securely closed and that your pet is microchipped in the event he or she gets lost.

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